martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016

CLIL together. IES César & Salinas

Compartimos una actividad intercentro diseñada por el CLIL team del IES César Manrique (Juan, Christian y Alexia. La coordinadora nos ofrece un resumen de la misma:
On 4th June ,​3º ESO A from IES ​Salinas ​visited
2º ESO ​A​ from IES César Manrique to
​"CLIL together".

The activities were  conducted by the students with the guidance of their teachers. 
​Students from IES Salinas had arranged in groups with a captain who had a mobile with an app to read QR codes.
They were welcomed and lead to the assembly hall where the activities started as soon as they could find their QR code by means of a riddle. Each group had to fullfill three tasks guided ​by their hosts: recording a song in the music room, experimenting in the laboratory and juggling in the playground. After that, they all met again and had fun playing "picture frames".

Thank you very much to Olga and Marta, teachers at IES Salinas, for their collaboration and support.

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